Image一円相, pronunced Ichi-En-Sou, is a small guesthouse located in the central district of Kyoto for all travellars visitng Kyoto to experience the essence of Japanese culture. It was named after ‘the Zen word’. It can be translated into English as ‘Aspect of Circle’.
The word illustrates the core of Buddha's teachings. As a circle is nothing more nor less, it shows middle path, not to go for the extreams, therefore leading to total peace. A circule also explains ‘cosmo’ or ‘everthing’ because it does not have the beginning nor ending.
The pronunciation of 円 En is the same pronunciation with the word ‘縁’, which means unexplainalbe meet with people in your life. It is believed that there must be some pre-arrangements for you to meet or you are meant to meet them before it happens. This ‘縁’ also brought me here, to open the guesthouse.

My name is Yashi and I am both the owner and operator of IchiEnSou Guesthouse. I am originally from the city of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture and I have now relocated to both live and work in the culture and heritage of Kyoto.
I have spent a number of years both travelling and studying abroad. I, therefore, understand both travelling and the needs of travellers. Please do not hesitate to contact me about the IchiEnSou Guesthouse or your stay in Kyoto. I look forward to meeting you and to share my knowledge about my country with you. I can communicate with you in English, Japanese and Mandarin. I will endeavour to help you whatever I can to make your stay as memorable an experience as possible while at the IchiEnSou Guesthouse. In addition I am hoping Ichiensou becomes a place where you may meet people from all over the world to further add special memories to your Japan experience!
Last Updated ( Sunday, 19 September 2010 )
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