4-2 Komatsu-Chou Sijousagaru 4 Choume YamatoOojiDouri Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto, Japan

Information: We apologize that we have closed IchiEnSou. We will let you know when opening a new one!! Please send us email for your booking request with your information below.
*Bookings are valid only after receiving a confirmation email from us (with the title "booking confirmation") *

1. Name

2. Number of beds

3. Room type

4. Check-in date

5. Check-out date

6. Arrival time

7. Contact details

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made by e-mail only.

7 days before the check-in date - [ 25% charge of all nights booked ]
3 days before the check-in date - [ 50% charge of all nights booked ]
1 day before the check-in date - [ 75% charge of all nights booked ]
Check-in date or No-show - [ 100% charge of all nights booked ]

The location of IchiEnSou Guesthouse is shown on the map of the following link.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1245&bih=624&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl


By taxi
We strongly recommend to use MK taxi for the service and cost they provide. Please ask a driver to give us a call for the location.

By train:
Take a JR Nara line train to Tofukuji, the first stop from Kyoto station. Transfer to Keihan line at Tofukuji and take a train bounded for Demachiyanagi. Get off at Gion Shijo station and walk out of the exit #7 (there is also a lift at the exit). The building you see in front of you (across the street) is Minamiza theater.

To get to the guesthouse from Minamiza theater, having Minamiza theater on your right hand side, walk away from the river for one block along the main street [Shijo street] (to the direction of the left if you come out from the exit #7). Turn right at the first traffic light, and walk for another one block (about 30 meters from the traffic light), you will see a narrow street (about 2 meter wide) on your left hand side. Walk in to the street for 15 meters from the corner and you will see a small sign, IchiEnSou Guesthouse, on the black gate of the guesthouse on your left hand side. Please walk in to the passageway and you will find yourself finally arriving at the guesthouse!!

By bus:
Take a bus #4 or #17 or #205 at A2 platform from Kyoto station and get off at Shijo Kawaramachi. Walk back about 15m to the main intersection of the two busy roads, Shijo and Kawaramachi. From the intersection, make a left and walk towards Kamo river along Shijo street. After crossing the bridge, you will see the theater on the right side of the street over the traffic light.The theater is called 'Minamiza', located on the south east corner of the intersection with Kawabata street and Shijo street. From Minamiza to the guesthouse, please see the directions above.

If you found it difficult to get to the guesthouse, please give us a call from a public telephone outside the theater before asking other people. Since it takes only 2 minutes for us to go and meet up with you at the theater from the guesthouse, we are more than happy to do so. Please do not hesitate to call us.

The phone number is 075-950-1026

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